Calacatta Oro 2x2 Matte Mosaics.

Calacatta Oro 12x24 Polished.

Calacatta Oro Hexagon Polished Mosaics.

Cartage Flooring

Calacatta Oro Hexagon Matte Mosaics.

Calacatta Oro 2x2 Polished Mosaics.

The Calacatta Oro Collection, known for its exquisite movement, is now available in Hexagon & 2x2 Mosaics Matte and Bright finishes. With field tile options in 12"x24", & 24"x24" in polished and honed finishes. This marble-look porcelain tile beauty is sure to make your space luxurious and stunning.

Calacatta Oro 12x24 Matte Mosaics.